Car Hire Sant Antoni de Calonge

Companies of car hire in Sant Antoni de Calonge

Actually there is only 1 enterprise that offers the service of vehicle rental in Sant Antoni de Calonge.


-> GANXO Rent a Car

Car hire Sant Antoni de Calonge

The car hire in Sant Antoni de Calonge rental agency GANXO Rent a Car, is located 18 km far away from the city, however, this car rental agency they bring and they pick up the vehicle in you location in Sant Antoni de Calonge for free (for example: to hotels, to private houses or to campings in that area).

☎ + 34 972 320 092   ☎ + 34 636 473 354   🌐


Usual fleet of car rentals in Sant Antoni de Calonge

Rent your favourite vehicle in Sant Antoni de Calonge: hire a cheap small vehicle, hire a familiar vehicle, an automatic one, a mid-size,one or even rent a 6 seater, 7 seater, 8 seater or 9 seater minivan

* links you only independent automobile rental agencies in each town of the Costa Brava that are recommended by the Costa Brava Touristic council & the Catalan Touristic Council.